Production process

The process of flour production starts from the selection of the best available grain as raw input. We import this grain with high quality and high protein suitable for the production of flour for human consumption. The main characteristics of this grain that we enter in our technological process for the production of the flour are the high level of protein and the high level of amidon(starch). The grain before it is loaded it undertakes a full cleaning and disinfestations processes at the loading place and when it arrives in our factory we do a full cleaning of foreign matters, straw ,stones, and dust through a powerful magnetic system and sieves systems. At the end of these processes we do the selection of different type of grains and based on their physical and chemical properties we put them in different silos. Entering the grains into the technological line of processing is done by selecting different varieties based on their chemical and rheological properties. After is entered the receipt of the grain that will go to be milled , it goes into the cleaning stage from powerful aspirators then enters into the separators from the foreign matters and in the end it enters in a powerful magnetic system which eliminates magnetic matters.

Then it passes to the stripping machines that cleans the grain from husks and different impurities that it may have taken in the field. Then it passes to the stone separators for total stone elimination as well as the automatic water dosing for the preparation of grain for grinding. Further, the grain passes into its conditioning process giving to it the appropriate percentage of humidity, which lasts about 24 hours. After conditioning, the grain passes to the milling line where there are 10 milling cylinders that process the grain to the ready product. The whole process is a closed cycle and is airtight to environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature and 100% guaranteed by hygienic conditions. After the grain milling process, the ready-to-use flour product is obtained according to its assortment, which passes to the flour mills ready to be transported to the flour packing line in quantities of 1 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg according to customer requirements.

By these analysis is checked also the starch damage in the flour and it can be seen the level of elasticity , the level of softness, resistance, energy and elasticity. All of these makes a review of all our analysis conducted by our laboratory. A team of technicians and laboratory technicians in our lab tests and improves different types of wheat varieties tirelessly to produce the highest quality flour with high yield. In addition to the above analysis for each flour type, the bread test in the laboratory and the production of pies and pizza are guaranteed to ensure a qualitative and competitive product in the market. This guarantees a high quality for the consumer and a quality and constant product on the market, so Miell Tirana is the preferred brand for all dough manufacturers all over Albania. Only after this test, the flour produced is subject to the packaging process to be sent to the customers. Our philosophy of work is that quality and guarantee to be above all our products therefore the quality control process is very rigorous and important to us. Between the physical-chemical and rheological analyzes that are constantly developed in our laboratory through the disinfection plan, hygiene and flour quality is always guaranteed. Also this team provides technical support to all professional bakeries by visiting them on site. This laboratory is certified with international quality certifications such as HACCP, ISO 9001-2000, ISO 22000.